Strive for success


Trust in your abilities


Educate yourself


Pursue all possibilities!




S.T.E.P. INnovations is focused on providing support to Middle and High School students to help ensure their continued success in school and in adulthood! Our non profit organization is partnering with local schools, religious organizations, churches, parents and businesses to provide foundations for success in school and on to adulthood for Holly Springs and neighboring rural communities' Youth. If you look at the Youth in our logo you will assume by their swag that the boy is just chilling with a "No Care" attitude but he is really thinking about graduation. The girl you would assume is chatting with one of the girls about the next party...but she is practicing her dance stance for her next audition. Let's not be so quick to judge a book by its cover. Open it and see what it's about! Our youth have dreams as we all do! Let's support them so they can feel their dreams are attainable and not just wishful thinking!


The missing PIECE in every community




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